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الشهادة المؤقتة

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الشهادة المؤقتة
by Khalid Ibrahim - Sunday, 9 September 2012, 4:40 PM
Dear Sir/Ma'am/ Prof.,

Once we begin our post-grad training year, we will be given a 'temporary certificate' for that year, until our license to practice is given in the end of that training year. I would like to ask about my legal rights and obligations concerning practicing dentistry in that year.

Does this certificate permit the holder the right to pursue a position in a private practice? and concerning work in government hospitals, can one work in a 'training' post in a hopsital, while this year of training 'imtiyaz' is in the faculty campus? or is work in the government sector prohibited since the training should be in the faculty campus?

Theoretically speaking, since I'm expecting all work outside the university to be illegal, I'd like to ask a hypothetical question. If, for example, an imteyaz student works, illegally, in a private clinic owned by a third party, what would the legal implications of a mal-practice suit if one is filed by one or more of the patients treated by said dentist, keeping in mind of course that the 'license to practice has not yet been attained.

Kind regards,
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Re: الشهادة المؤقتة
by Dr Wafaa Essam - Sunday, 7 October 2012, 12:17 AM

Dear Khaled

I am very happy to hear from you again as a junior dentist and young colleague !!! I would like to inform you that unfortunately the emtyaz dentist is still considered a dental student having training under supervision of qualified dentists in the MOH or the staff members in the faculty till he receives his license. Therefore, you have NO right to work in a private clinic or hospital as a qualified dentist and you could be subjected to legal problems if any of your colleagues or patients reported this event to the dental syndicate which is responsible for the ethical and legal requirements of all practicing dentists. I am sorry Khaled but you will be obliged to finish your emtiaz year first before thinking of any private practice. Wish you the best of luck inshaallah..